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Starting Out

So you're new to online casinos?  Well, get ready to have some fun.  Online casinos treat all their players like they are high rollers.   You'll get free chips to gamble.  You'll earn points toward valuable gifts and prizes.  Plus, the odds at an online casino are much better than those offered at a land based casino.

Gambling at an online casino can be just exciting as a trip to Vegas, but like Vegas, you need to know the basics before sitting down at the table.

First and foremost, you need to pick a reputable casino.  99.99% of all online casinos are legit, but there are a few fly-by-night operations that you'll want to stay away from.

That being said, it is pretty easy to seperate the creme of the crop.  At Casino Stalker, we put online casinos through a rigorous test before featuring them on our site.   But aside from gambling at the casinos listed on our site, here are a few things to look for when shopping for an online casino.

* Support - This is a biggie in our Casino Stalker test.   Test the casino's toll
   free number.  Do they answer?  If not, leave a message and see how quickly
   they get back with you.  Write them an e-mail.  How quickly do they respond. 
   This is important.  When you gamble things will come up, and you'll want to
   talk with the casino.  You'll want to know before hand just how willing they
   are to help their players.

* Banking - This isn't as important as it used to be, but you'll find that a credit
   card isn't enough when gambling at an online casino.  Credit cards don't want
   their card holders playing at casinos because th industry is still so new.  Instead,
   you'll have to use a third party and make deposits (and withdrawals) through
   them.  Pay Pal used to work, but they are no longer an option.  Instead, you'll
   have to work with someone like Neteller.   It can be a headache, but Neteller is                         
   safe and some casinos will give you an added bonus for using Neteller as your
   banking option.

* Bonus Offers - Finally, everyone's favorite subject -- free chips.  Every online
   casino will offer you something to give them a try.  Expect to get anywhere from
   $10 - $400 for free but be careful.   You have to gamble that bonus "X" amount of
   times before you can cash out.

As stated above, almost every casino on the net is reliable.  The bad apples are very few and far between.  So, in the end, do your homework -- but remember -- have fun.  And win a hand for me


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