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Sic Bo

To place a bet on what one predicts a dice value will be after shaking it.

How to play:
There is a board that is ellaboraletly decorated and contains different combinations of dice. The game begins when the players place their chips on the dice number or combination of numbers that they predict the dice will be shaken too. The dealer shakes the dice in a sealed container and allows it to fall on the table. The dealer will then announce what number the dice has reached and in what combination. There is also an electronic device that will mimic what the dice combination looked like in the winning roll. There are different types of bets that one can place in Sic Bo.

Types of bets:
1. Place a bet on numbers 1-6. If 1-6 is rolled on either of the two dices, the player wins 1:1. If two of the dice have the same number, the player wins 2:2.

2. The combination of two certain numbers. If the number come sup on any of the dice, one wins 5:1.

3. The total of all 3 dice can be bet on and the pay off varies depending on what the total bet is.

4. One can bet on a “small” or “big” number determined by if the 3 dice’s value is between 4 and 10 or 11 and 17.

5. Any triplet value pays 24:1.

6. A particular triplet which will pay 150:1.

7. Pairs of numbers, pays 8:1.

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