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How to play:
Players buy chips from the dealer and place them at their desired place on the Roulette board. The Roulette board includes 36 numbers plus 0 and 00 and the wheel contains the corresponding numbers referred to as pockets. The wheel is the star of the roulette game and it divides the numbers into red and black as well as using green for 0 and 00. The wheel has been carefully designed to prevent randomization and provide balance in the probabilities of wins. The wheel is spun by the dealer and a ball that exists in the wheel stops at a random spot. If where the ball stops corresponds to where the player put their bet on the board in regard to matching numbers, the player wins. If the number that the ball falls on does not correspond to the place the player bet, the house wins. Players can keep raising their bets as the ball spins but must stop when the dealer says, “No more bets”.

Other factors:
Outside bets: at the outskirts of the Roulette board one can make further bets in regards to where they think the number will fall: i.e., even vs. odd, red vs. black, low vs. high as well as others.

Roulette is a leading game in the casino world and as the wheel spins, one is dizzy with excitement that the ball will land where they think it will.

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