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Red Dog

The objective of Red Dog is to predict if a card's (picked at random) value falls in between the value of the dealerís other two cards. Cards 2-10 are worth whatever points is at their face value. A jack is 11, a queen 12, a king 13 and aces are worth 14 point.

How to play:
A 52 card deck is uses to be played with 3-8 players. Players place their bet and the dealer draws two cards and puts them on the table face up. Now the players can raise their bets starting from what they initially bet all the way up to what the total is of the playerís entire bets combined make. The dealer draws a third card and if the cardís value falls in between the value of the other two cards the dealer has then the players win. If not, then the house wins and the players lose their bets. Original bets are 1:1 and the remaining bets are determined by a scale that the casino explicitly ahs decided before following with the standards of how this game is played universally. This is a game however that pays most as the statistic for winning is quite high.

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