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Playing Let It Ride at the Online Casino

Let It Ride is an online casino game that is very exciting and fun. If you haven’t played Let It Ride before don’t let the numbers scare you. Sometimes players fear losing $15 in one shot but that is not what happens. When the table is a $5 minimum table, the player has to start by wagering at least $15. That $15 is not lost though. The average amount you actually wagered when it is $15 on the table is just over $6 per hand.

Let It Ride at online casinos actually gives you the potential to make money or lose money quickly if you don’t understand the game. If you decide to leave the bets in play based on your feelings, instead of strategy, you'll be losing most of the time. That is why strategy is important to learn when playing Let It Ride.

Here is what you need to do in terms of strategy when playing Let It Ride at the online casino. The “1” bet stays in play anytime the 3-card hand contains a sure winner (Three of a Kind or a High Pair) or contains 3 cards to a Royal Flush, Straight or inside flush. Most of the time the “1” bet will be pulled back. The “2” bet will be kept in play anytime the 4-Card hand contains a sure winner. Again, most of the time the “2” bet will be pulled back. The “$” bet has to be played and only wins about a quarter of the time. The goal in Let It Ride is always to find a way to hit a big hand and it can be done.



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