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Situational Gambling is a Never Ending Study

One of the factors that separate the men from the boys, or the winners from the losers, when it comes to online gambling success is expertise at situational gambling.

Online poker is a classic example of situational gambling and its study as such factors as positioning, chip count, and cards all play a part in what a gambler should do in a particular situation.

Each game of chance has a particular set of circumstances that dictate a proper move or gambling decision as well as decisions and mistakes to avoid at all costs. This also plays into money management and bankroll decisions,

You should make each gambling session into a study of what to do and what not to do. Every time you end up making a mistake, instead of getting emotional about it, make a note of it. If you do not make that mistake ever again you have learned something and will be ready to handle it the correct way next time.

Those who look at online gambling as a never ending education will find success far more than those who ignore the lessons that are taught with each wager that is made.

Keeping a record of each gambling session with the specific circumstances of a win, a loss, or a bad beat will help steer you on the correct course when that situation comes up again. Beyond that you will play with more confidence and assertiveness.

Knowledge is power when it comes to success at online casino gambling and each wager you make can add to that power for your future success.

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