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Scared Money at an Online Casino

When bettors play at an online casino they should practice money management and discipline but sometimes they don’t. Once a bettor extends beyond his reach and starts betting money that should not really be a part of his bankroll he will start to bet scared. And scared money almost never wins.

Online betting is filled with people who bet scared with money that they didn’t have. It’s like a law of nature than when somebody bets something out of desperation they will lose. The best way to avoid betting scared and making a mistake is to maintain online betting discipline and never deviate from it. The best way to do this is to understand your bankroll and manage it properly.

The first step to breaking down an online casino betting bankroll is to come up with the grand total amount of the bankroll itself. For example, let’s say it is $1000. If you are playing blackjack then you want to keep your wagers to 5% or less of your overall bankroll. Most people don’t do it that way and that is why they lose in online betting.

The same bankroll and money management principles apply to other forms of betting at the online casino. If you are playing table games or betting the slots you need to manage your money intelligently and risk only a small portion of your overall online casino bankroll. If you don’t do this then eventually you will be betting with scared money and that is never the way to win.


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