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Playing Spingo at the Online Casino

A fun game to play at Microgaming casinos is Spingo. It is a game that is a combination of bingo and roulette. Let’s look at Spingo at the online casino.

Spingo is played with 21 balls drawn from a hopper. There are two balls each that are numbered from 1 to 10 and one ball that is a zero. Play begins with one ball drawn and then it is spun on a wheel with 25 slots. There are 8 yellow slots, 8 red slots, 8 blue slots and 1 green slot.

Players can bet on Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, a specific number from 1 to 10, the number Zero, odd/even, 1 to 5, 6 to 10 and a combination of number and color.

The house edge on Spingo is very similar to the house edge that is found on roulette. The game is really a combination of roulette and bingo to some extent although it is more like roulette. Bets on each color pay 2-1 except for green which pays 23-1. Numbers pay 9-1 except for zero which pays 19-1. Odd/even pays even money as do the 1 to 5 and 6 to 10. A combination bet of a number and a color pays 31-1.

The lowest house edge in Spingo is on the combination bets where the house edge is about 2.5%. Many people won’t choose the combination bet as they not only have to hit a number but also a color to win. For example, let’s say you bet the number 3 and wager $3. If that number hits you would win $27. If you bet that separately and put $1 on red 3, yellow 3 and blue 3 then you would win $29 if any one of them hit.

Check out Spingo today at your favorite online casino.

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