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Fortune Pai Gow Poker at the Online Casino

Have you tried out Fortune Pai Gow Poker at the online casino? It is an online casino game that is fun game to play and exciting. Let’s look at how to play Fortune Pai Gow Poker.

Fortune Pai Gow Poker is played with a normal 52-card deck plus a joker. You are playing against the dealer and trying to make the best hand. The main difference with Fortune Pai Gow Poker versus regular Pai Gow Poker is the Fortune Bonus wager. Players can place a wager of $1 up to $100 on the Fortune Bonus.

The game of Fortune Pai Gow Poker begins with the player and the dealer getting seven cards dealt face down. The player then sets his hand with the highest five card hand and the highest two card hand. The joker can be sued to complete a straight or flush or it is used as an ace.

After the hands are set they are compared to the dealer’s hand. The player wins when both the five card hand and two card hand is better than the dealer’s hand. If there is a split then it is a push.

If the player made a Fortune Bonus wager then it is paid if it qualifies based on the Fortune pay table. Some of the payouts might be as high as 8,000-1 for a straight flush, 400 to 1 for a hand of four aces plus the joker and even payouts like 3 to 1 for three of a kind and 2 to 1 for a straight.

You can play Fortune Pai Gow Poker at InterCasino today.

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