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Using the Fibonacci System at the Online Casino

An interesting system that many people who play at the online casino may not have heard of is the Fibonacci System. It is a progressive system similar in some respects to a Martingale but not as risky.

The system refers to a math term known as Fibonacci which has a number series where the total of two straight numbers is larger than all of the previous number combined. Let’s look at an example. A typical Fibonacci series has it going 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, etc.

With this system you are always betting the sum of your previous two bets except with the first two bets of the series. This type of system can work well in roulette, baccarat, craps and even blackjack. The goal is to win two bets in a row. Let’s say that you got on a big losing streak and lost 10 straight bets. You would still end up with a profit if you won your next two wagers using this system. The goal is to win two straight bets. When that happens, you restart the progression from the beginning.

The good part about using the Fibonacci System at the online casino is that you don’t have to win even half of your wagers to make money. You just need to win two in a row. The drawback with the system is that you don’t get rewarded for winning streaks and a choppy pattern of win, loss, win, loss, etc. is going to be a problem.

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