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Online Casino Return on Investment

When you play at an online casino your ultimate goal is to win money which means return on investment. If you risk $100 and win $110 then your ROI (Return on Investment) is 10%. Have you ever thought about return on investment when you make your online casino wagers?

Two of the best online casinos games to play are craps and baccarat. They have the lowest house edges with some of the bets. That doesn’t mean your return on investment will be positive though. Each of those games still has a long term negative number because the house has the edge. You might actually be better off playing slots than playing craps if you understand return on investment. For example, let’s say you risk $100 at craps and after your session ended you still had the $100. You didn’t win or lose anything so your ROI was nothing. If you took that same $100 and played the slots you might be able to hit a jackpot worth thousands and your return on investment might be astronomical. While it is true that craps is the better game to play in the long run vs. the slots in terms of the house edge, the return on investment might not be any better because of the luck involved with hitting a slots jackpot.

Return on investment is always something to consider in online casino gambling. Your goal is to win money and you are not going to grind out a living playing casino games but you might get lucky and hit a jackpot and end up a winner. It is all about getting the most for your money and getting a return on your investment.

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