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Online Gambling Taking Off in Australia

You may not have thought of Australia as a country where online gambling would be thriving but it is. A recent study found that more and more people are playing online in Australia. It was estimated that Australians are spending more than $600 million dollars a year on online gambling.

The recent study found that more than 50% of the people who are playing at online casinos have started to play within the past six years. All types of online gambling games are popular in Australia from sports to poker to casino games. In the survey, it was found that the main advantages to wagering online for Australian gamblers were convenience, 24-hour access, and privacy.

One reason that online gambling has soared in popularity around the world and in Australia is because of the technology in place. Players are not only using computers they are using iPads, smartphones, and other mobile devices to get online and play their favorite games.

Australia currently has online sports betting as legal while Internet-based poker and casino games are not but that really hasn’t mattered. Players can access thousands of online casinos in other countries and they are doing so on a regular basis.

Countries where online gambling didn’t used to be popular like Australia are now joining the rest of the world with more and more people playing at online casinos every single day.


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