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Most Popular Wire Transfer Companies

What are the most popular companies that handle wire transfers? Let’s look at the top five.

Western Union – The most popular wire transfer company is Western Union. They have nearly a half a million locations in more than 20 countries around the world. When it comes to sending a wire transfer most people think of Western Union first.

MoneyGram – The second most popular company that most people recognize when it comes to sending an online wire transfer is MoneyGram. They are still behind Western Union but they are available in more than 197 countries. The fees are similar to those of Western Union.

PayPal – They are not nearly as popular as they once were and for those that want to send money to an online casino they aren’t even available. Most of the PayPal business is now done online and to pay for goods or services although they still do a good business with person-to-person transfers.

Xoom – This company focuses on online International transfers. Most of their transfers involve Latin American countries. The company has low fees and good exchange rates. They have now partnered with Walmart so they should get a higher profile.

Viamericas – This company focuses on larger wire transfer amounts. If you want to send a smaller amount then this company is probably not your best choice as the registration process is time consuming with a bank account required.


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