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Less is More at Online Casinos

As they say in poker “the less hands you play the better you will do” and that is certainly the case with online gambling. It is important to limit your playing time and approach it with the “less is more philosophy.” You will also play better when feeling fresh and rested and not so overwhelmed or anxious.

Online gambling is even more addictive than ordinary live gambling, since internet in itself has an addictive effect on many of us. When you play games, you should watch for certain signs. Each one of them could indicate that gambling is becoming a problem for you. If you recognize several of them in your own behavior, you really need to think over your situation:

You spend more money on gambling than you planned.
You lose all sense of time and stay in the game longer than anticipated.
You don't quit when you're up, but continue gambling until the money is all gone.
You think that you lose because you didn't play well enough.
You lie to your friends about how much you spend on gambling, and don’t tell the truth to people that are close to you.
You choose gaming before family, friends or work.
You're easily annoyed if something disturbs you while gambling.
You chase your losses, trying to win back money that you've lost.
You spend more and more time gambling and thinking about gambling.
You need to play higher to get the same excitement.
You have a strong belief that you will win big.

Like any other addiction, gambling can be a problem. But admitting there is a problem is the first, step and getting help is the next.

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