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Strategy for Playing Red Dog at the Online Casino

Many people see Red Dog as an option at the online casino but really don’t take a chance to play the game. That is too bad because Red Dog is easy, fun and it can be a profitable game to play. Let’s look at some strategy for playing Red Dog.

Red Dog is basically a game where you are betting whether or not a card will fall in between two other cards that are dealt. You make your wager and then two cards are dealt face up. If they happen to be the same you get a bonus round with a third card. If that third card is the same you get paid out 11-1. Normally that doesn’t happen so you get the main game. If the two cards are just one apart then the game is a push. If the cards are two or more apart the dealer will announce the spread. For example, if the two cards were a four and a seven then the spread would be two as you would have a five and a six in the middle. Once the spread is announced you can choose to double your bet. If the third card falls in between the first two then you win. If the spread was one then you get 5x your bet, a two card spread is 4x; a three card spread is 2x and all others are event money.

The strategy for Red Dog is to only double your bet when the spread is seven or more.

Check out Red Dog today at the online casino.

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