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Playing Solitaire at the Online Casino

Did you know you can play solitaire at the online casino and win money doing it? Some online casinos have solitaire as one of the games you can play.

Solitaire at the online casino is played with a single deck of cards and is just like the solitaire game you play on your own. 24 cards go into the draw pile and 28 cards go into 7 columns. The top card in each column is face up. The goal in solitaire is to move all of the cards into the foundation piles. You get rewarded for each card you move to the foundation pile. It normally takes about 11 cards going to the foundation pile for you to get your original wager back and then you can make a profit depending upon how many cards you can move.

The house edge in solitaire is hard to determine but most people believe the edge is about 4.5%. The game has payouts that range from about 40% to 100% of your original wager. The maximum win is usually about five times the original wager.’

Depending upon where you play solitaire there are some variations as there is an ‘undo button’ that allows you to undo the previous move. Some variations don’t allow you to break up the middle of a column so that you have to either move the full column or not at all. There is also a version that doesn’t allow you to move cards from the foundation pile back to the columns.

Check out solitaire at the online casino today.

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